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New Florida Primary?

Florida Governor Charlie Crist (R) says he’s open to holding another Democratic primary in his state. As you recall, the Democratic National Committee has (thus far) held to the position that no Florida delegates would be seated at the nominating convention, and thus Florida would have no say in the nomination. This was all done as punishment for Florida breaking the party rules by holding its primary so early in the year.

The Democratic candidates did not (technically) campaign in Florida, but Hillary Clinton won the vast majority of the (unseatable delegates). Hillary Clinton, in one of her less impressive moves, has been arguing that those delegates should be seated, couching a rather self-serving argument in terms of fairness to voters. So far, the DNC (and the public, I hope) hasn’t been buying that argument. Everyone knew (and agreed to) the rules before, and the consequences were clear. Now, I suspect that Crist is trying to throw Clinton something of a lifeline here, a means of legitimizing Florida delegates. I’m not so sure it would work in her favor, though, as I bet her majority (if any) would be much less than it was the last time around. Her camp’s reaction to this offer (which the DNC has previously indicated it sees as a possible solution) will say something about what she’s more interested in – the will of the voters, or delegates for her.

Update: Crist now denies being open to a new primary – he simply wants the delegates seated, which is certainly to Clinton’s benefit.


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  1. As a Republican, my primary response is to find this entertaining. However, Governor Crist proposes the only fair solution.

    However, he should only provide this opportunity if Democrats reimburse the State for the cost of the first primary. The taxpayers of Florida should not bear the burden of the Florida Democrat Party’s senseless acts.

    And as for HRC’s camp’s reaction? Well, of course she’s more interested in delegates for her. That serves her lust for power. Haven’t you been paying attention?

  2. charles pilcherer

    lets see obama does OT want fla counted , why because he lost the state bad and thats not self serving.also i bet her margin would be bigger since obama is against those states having a say.which will be interestng if obama is argues against a new primary.

    recap of every obama speech. i was against the war .i want change.of course obama admits it he actually had the intell clinton had he may have voted for it.

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