Unlike today’s stage, this preview will be short and sweet. While I’m sure that the riders hardly felt like yesterday’s 20 minutes on the track at Road Atlanta felt like a day off, at least hope they got a little more rest than usual yesterday. They’ll need it for Stage Five, which is not only the longest stage in the Tour de Georgia, but also brings the first mountains.

Riders will be starting in Suwanee at 10am, and will spend the next 133.4 miles (214.7km) taking the long way to Dahlonega. Check out the profile after the jump.

For their troubles, the field’s sprinters will have an opportunity for points about 18 miles after the start. And after that, the race will face its first Cat 3 climb up Burnt Mountain starting at mile 54 (or so). What remains of the peloton after that will be rewarded with two more Cat 3 climbs, at ~101 and ~129 miles. The finish looks to be after the peak, so we might get a nice fast finish despite it all.

Team High Road’s Henderson remains in yellow, with teammate Andre Greipel 15″ behind him. Greipel’s not alone in only being 15″ off the mark – Slipstream’s Danielson and Vande Velde occupy that position, too. Notably, Leipheimer is 19″ back, and will have to work hard to find a way to lose those seconds between him and Danielson/Vande Velde. (Henderson has already said that he just hopes he can get over the hills . . .).

So, with all of these big names motivated to be in the mix, Stage Five should prove to be interesting.

Most of these jerseys will change hands at the end of today:

-Race leaders at the end of Stage Four

What to say about Suwanee and Dahlonega? Well, Suwanee is something of a new town, representing the ever-present advancement of Atlanta’s exurban borders. Dahlonega’s a completely different sort of place – definitely a mountain town. And it was there before Atlanta – growing out of the Georgia gold rush of 1828.

I got nothing specific in terms of music for you, but if you want to experience these two towns, do this – turn your radio to a bland and safe adult contemporary station. Listen long enough to realize that while it’s comfortable, there’s nothing really there. Then move on down the dial to some college station with a DJ that has a fetish for old bluegrass. Maybe you like it, maybe you don’t. But it’s clearly it’s own flavor. There’s your Suwanee to Dahlonega tour in music.

Want to watch the race live? Live video from WCSN will start at 12:30pm EDT. Those of you outside of the US, can get it free from Cycling.tv here, time uncertain. The Tour Tracker should start its coverage when the things get moving at 10am EDT.

originally posted to PodiumCafe.com