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Have you seen a Moots’ Moot-X YBB?

Short version: a bike was just stolen this weekend from someone who absolutely didn’t deserve it. If you ride in the DC/VA/MD area and see someone on a Moots’ Moot-X YBB, ask them about it. And if it doesn’t add up, get in touch with Rob Harrington at 571.225.2225. I don’t know him except by reputation, but I am sure he deserves our looking out for him.

Long version:

FROM: Leesburg Bakers Dozen

I am hoping somebody can help me. Someone decided it would be cool to steal my personal Moots Moot-X YBB that I had made available for demos.

I gotta tell you, at this point I am not interested in doing another race next year, or ever. I spent countless hours over the past 6 months to get the course and the race ready for YOU. What little compensation I thought I was going to receive is now gone. The feeling of accomplishment? Gone, too. I dont think I have ever been more disappointed in my life. I guess the notion of being a MTB family is dead, at least it now is for me. I lost money and the best bike I have ever owned to someone I hosted and hoped to provide a special and unique environment for.

I am not wealthy, in fact, the only reason I have a bike like that is because of a shop discount and the fact that cycling is my passion. I dont drink, go out, go to movies, nothing. My money goes to my bikes. I was set to pack the bike up for my long awaited trip to Arizona next week for a little punishment of my own at the Whiskey Off Road race in Prescott. Not sure what to do now. Cancel my vacation??

I do not care who stole it or why or where they live. I just want my bike back. Mail it, ship it to Plum Grove, I dont care how I get it back. I just want it back.

Its an 18″ Mooto-X YBB with full XTR, White bros 20mm thru axle fork, and Jones H-bars. If you have any information, please let me know.

Rob Harrington
Race director

Which was then followed up by this:

I just wanted to drop a quick note in here.

I have been overwhelmed with the support from everyone, whether it be emails sent to me, postings here and on other forums, and including offers of financial assistance to replace my stolen bike and offers to use other peoples bike for a while.

I genuinely appreciate everyones generosity, but I do not want to accept donations at this time. I still hope the bike will be returned or located through other means.

I also wanted to let everyone know that I sent the email out at 3:00 am while very distraught and tired. I know the MTB community is strong and supportive, now more than ever. I do not believe that any racers took the bike and want to believe that no crew or family members of racers are guilty either.

The Bakers Dozen will be back next year. I could not in my right mind end the race. I love the race and all the people that come with their family and friends for a weekend of mountain biking fun.

For those interested, I will be taking my single speed to AZ for the whiskey off road. I guess I will just have to suffer(on the bike) a bit more than I thought. I always did enjoy a challenge!!

Thanks again and hope to see you soon, new friends and old!!

Tour de Georgia: Stage One – From Tybee to Savannah

The 2008 Tour de Georgia will kick off its first stage with a run between Tybee Island and Savannah. The stage takes something of a lollipop-shaped out-and-sort-of-back approach over 70.4 very flat miles.

The peloton will start at Tybee Island* at 10:30a. They’ll head toward Savannah through the salt marshes on the only road connecting the island with the rest of the state. They’ll pass through downtown, make a loop through the western suburbs, and return for a downtown finish on Tatnall Street between 1 and 1:30p.

From start to finish, there will be three sprint points and four time bonus opportunities. The course does involve a number of railroad crossings (and at least one drawbridge), but I don’t expect them to play much of a role in the race. The weather seems to be cooperating, with expectations that it will be a sunny day yielding temps in the high 70s/24-26. More importantly, it’s not expected to be too windy. However, those coastal winds can change in a heartbeat, and if it picks up, it could be a real factor in the open area between Tybee Island and Savannah.

Given the relatively even footing that a flat stage puts the teams on, this may turn out to be a stage in which one of the lesser known domestic teams can make a statement. Local boys Jittery Joe’s can always be counted on to give it a go, and Canadian team Symmetrics Cycling sure could use a high profile win in its search for a new sponsor. Personally, I’d love to see the GE-Marco Polo team surprise us all.

*Part of Georgia’s Coastal Empire region, and one of my own favorite places on the planet.

-Crossposted to PodiumCafe.com 

Watching the Tour de Georgia

If you’re interested in following the Tour de Georgia on a real-time basis this year, your best best is the Adobe TourTracker via the official site. It also appears that wcsn.com has secured domestic internet broadcast rights this year, leaving (Blacknell.net nemesis) cycling.tv to carry the burden for the rest of the world (and if you’re a US domestic Cycling.tv subscriber, well, you’re just SOL).

If you want to watch it on the teevee, you’ll have to wait until May 4th, when Versus (the “Bull riding and other stuff” network) will have a condensed presentation of the race. If you’re in the southeast of the US and get the SportSouth cable channel, you’ll be able to snag a “seven 30-minute highlight shows recapping each day’s events, including wall-to-wall highlights, race reactions and interviews with select cyclists.”

Weekend Music: Intersecting Worlds

Golmaal. Somehow this worked its way into my top 25 playlist, according to iTunes, yet I have no idea what the lyrics are saying (which is probably just as well). Yet I could sing them for you on demand.

YouTube Preview Image

t.A.T.u.’s Nas Ne Dogonyat. I should be embarrassed. But I’m not.

YouTube Preview Image

Finally, Stereo Total’s L’Amour A Trois (German version). Also available in French and English. I dig me some Stereo Total:

YouTube Preview Image

Bonus amateur recut of this video.

Tour de Georgia: “A New Beginning” for Rock Racing

(for PodiumCafe.com)

Rock Racing’s owner Michael Ball today called the last-minute inclusion in the 2008 Tour de Georgia “a new beginning” for the team. While he emphasized his commitment to bringing more “entertainment” to pro cycling, he did note that fans won’t be seeing a repeat of the spectacle seen at the Tour of California. Rock Racing at the 2007 CSC Invitational Medalist Sports, the TdG’s promoter, hasn’t set any special conditions on the team’s participation, but Ball did acknowledge that Medalist asked that Rock Racing “conduct [itself] in a way that doesn’t freak [Medalist] out.” and that he was planning to respect that.

Ball also talked a bit about team strategy, labeling Santiago Botero as the team’s captain and GC hope. If things don’t work out for Botero, Oscar Sevilla is expected to step in. Tyler Hamilton, who hasn’t raced since last year’s TdG, will be dedicated to supporting Botero and Sevilla. Freddy Rodriguez will be hunting for sprint stage wins, having bagged one last year.

Asked about Cesar Grajales’ absence from the roster, Ball told Podium Café that Grajales had injured his knee at training camp earlier this year, and is currently recovering at home in Columbia. The plan is that Grajales will be ready for the Mt. Hood Cycling Classic in May.

When asked if the team’s inclusion at the TdG created expectations of participation in the Tour of Missouri (also a Medalist Sports event), Ball indicated that he hoped to have the choice, but expressed some uncertainty about the team’s capacity to actually field a squad there. Rock Racing has already received invites to the Tour of Mexico and Tour of Britain, both of which would in conflict with the Tour of Missouri.

Finally, Ball also appeared to be delivering on his promise to bring more sponsors to the sport, announcing that Yamaha’s motorcycle division will be sponsoring the team (the results of which we can expect to see in Georgia).

Tour de Georgia Coverage

Longtime readers know that I can’t help but start talking about cycling once the pro season gets under way.  It’s in full swing now, and as noted, Monday marks the start of the 2008 Tour de Georgia.  To that end, I’ll be focusing on that over the next week, including the posting of the coverage I’m doing for PodiumCafe.com.

Photo: Stage 7 finish in Atlanta, 2007 Tour de Georgia

Tour de Georgia: Who’s Racing?

The Tour de Georgia jumps off from Tybee Island this coming Monday.   It’s not entirely certain, but I hope to make it down to Georgia for at least part of it.  Had a blast doing it last year.

Today, the organizers released a provisional startlist. No big surprises (tho’ yes, Hamilton, Botero, and Sevilla will there), and the talent bench is pretty deep. Also some new (to the North American scene, anyway) talent is on tap with the Discovery Marco Polo squad. In any event, here’s who to expect at the line next week:

The Company We Keep

Executions, by country, for 2007:

China: 470+
Iran: 317+
Saudi: 143+
Pakistan: 135+
USA: 42
Iraq: 33+
Vietnam: 25+
Yemen: 15+
Afghanistan: 15
Libya: 9+
Japan: 9
Syria: 7+
Sudan: 7+
Bangladesh: 6
Somalia: 5+
Equatorial Guinea: 3
Singapore: 2
Kuwait: 1+
Indonesia: 1+
Botswana: 1+
Belarus: 1+
Ethiopia: 1

“+” after a number indicates that the figure is a minimum one. The true figure is at least the figure shown. For example, “47+” means that there were at least 47 executions in 2007.

That Joke Isn’t Funny Anymore

The dollar hits an all time low against the euro, bumping against $1.60 today.

2 year euro

Is the 8th CD that Democratic . . .

that no one would give the GOP primary candidates a room to debate in?

Amit Singh and Mark Ellmore – both candidates for the Congressional seat representing Virginia’s 8th Congressional District – met in their first debate tonight.  And guess what?  It wasn’t even in the 8th Congressional District. It was held at George Mason University’s main campus, which sits squarely within the 11th Congressional District. I know things can be tough for Republicans around here, but c’mon . . .

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