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Sebastian Haedo Wins U.S. Air Force Cycling Classic

Sebastian Haedo of Colavita-Sutter Home won the 2008 U.S. Air Force Cycling Classic in a sprint with the help of teammate (and 2007 winner) Kyle Wamsley. Alex Candelario of Kelly Benefit Strategies took third. The 150km circuit race saw a few breakaway attempts, but all were shut down quickly, with Symmetrics’ Andrew Randell earning the Most Aggressive rider jersey for an all-out flyer on the final lap, getting caught only in the last 400 or so meters. This was the first UCI rated (Cat 1.2) race in the DC area within (my) memory. Hit the jump for the race-winning sprint.

The final sprint:

Into the Final Sprint- Sebastian Haedo and Kyle Wamsley of Colvita-Sutter Home swallow up the break by Andrew Randell (Symmetrics). Alex Candelario (Kelly Benefits) is trying to come around on the right.

Final 50 Meters – Haedo’s pulling away, while Candelario has had to pull around to Wamsley’s right.

Wamsley Knows It – the 2007 winner of this race knows that his teammate is about to become the 2008 winner.


Colavita-Sutter Home takes the top two podium spots at the U.S. Air Force Cycling Classic.

More photos to come.

Where are the shots of the podium? On a CF card laying somewhere on the streets of Crystal City. I’ll get back to you if I can manage to overcome that

Update: Arlington local Douglas Galbi produced a nice short video of the race as seen from the Air Force Memorial. Go check it out.

If you’re coming here looking for photos of the charity ride (benefiting the Raisin Hope Foundation), I’ve posted a raw stream of photos here. I’ll be posting a second set, as soon as I’ve had some time to do a bit of post-processing.


Sunday: U.S. Air Force Cycling Classic in Crystal City


Crystal Ride Photos


  1. Wow! Great photos of the sprint! I wish that Randers guys could of held it off ;)

  2. MB

    That Randers guy put the most excitement, by far, into the race. Must be the, uh, coaching :)

    (Always good to see Symmetrics down here. Hope you can make it next year.)

  3. Sorry about that CF card. But I’ve shot lots of exciting video where I forgot to press the “record” button. I’m always surprised afterwards to see that I’ve recorded absolutely nothing.

  4. Can’t wait to see the rest of the photos from the Crystal City ride.

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