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Arlington Neighborhood Day Photos


I love this town.  More photos here.


Friday Notes: Just Music Edition


Well, at least “we”‘ve got *some* sense . . .


  1. Peej

    Lovely, lovely pictures. You can now officially count all three members of the family as readers/viewers of the site; the kid caught me looking at them and immediately demanded to see more.
    Of course, now L. has to listen to an evening of the kid running around shouting, “Rock on, Gorilla!” every so often (I think that was his favorite picture), and me making thinly veiled jabs about how some people limit themselves (and their loved ones) to soul-less lives in suburbia hell and never realize how much they are missing out on.

  2. MB

    Exclaiming “Rock on, Gorilla!” is an entirely acceptable way to finish a Saturday night, I think.

  3. DT

    when I grow up, I want to have a house in Arlington, right off of Clarendon Blvd behind ‘revolutions’

  4. MB

    Step One: Move (back) to Arlington.

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