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Still Awed

Against all sensibility, the CSPAN coverage of today’s DNC Rules and Bylaws Committee has been on in this household.  Most every speech and statement-in-the-form-of-a-question I’ve heard has helped steel my already hardened cynicism about humanity in general.  But while CSPAN was waiting for the kabuki theater actors to get back from lunch, it ran the launch of the space shuttle Discovery live.  And still, after all these years, it transfixes.  It genuinely excites.  For all of our failures, our weaknesses, our inabilities – we’re in space.  And I am in awe.


Weekend Music: Slayer Edition


Sunday in Arlington: 2008 CSC Invitational

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  1. I missed that. But hey, at least with CSPAN we don’t have to listen to talking heads.

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