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Murky Coffee: Meta Petty

This isn’t particularly noteworthy, other than it reminded me just how ubiquitous blogs have become (or – really – how ubiquitous they’ve become in a very narrow segment of society). Fuck You And Your Precious Coffee Policy This guy stopped in Murky Coffee (which is just down the street from me), the barista played to stereotype, and he wrote about it.  This other guy overheard the conversation between the first guy and the barista, and wrote about it, too. And then Boing Boing wrote about the first guy writing about it (which is where I first heard about it).  And now I’m writing about all three of them writing about it.  And using a picture that someone else took of the result of the conversation between the first guy and the barista.

All that effort, and none of us have contributed anything useful to the world, I’m afraid.

(FWIW, I’d trade Murky Coffee for the old junk shop that used to be there in a heartbeat.  And Murky Coffee should take that dollar bill down from the bulletin board and use it to pay their unpaid DC taxes.)

Update: Murky Coffee owner Nick Cho gets in on the clown bandwagon.

Photo: Tom Bridge


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  1. Amit

    why do you prefer Common Grounds to Murky? Don’t you want big business to succeed? ;-)

    what is annoying me about Clarendon is all the prime real estate that is going empty. I called one of the landlords and they said they would only rent to someone who has owned a restaurant before which is fine but I have got to believe that for the past two years somebody would have been interested by now.

  2. MB

    why do you prefer Common Grounds to Murky?

    Ha. That was pretty much a junk shop, too, wasn’t it?

    I hear you on Clarendon (I’ve got a post in the works about all the Wilson Blvd. changes/empty spaces). Those mainstreet spaces right on Wilson/Clarendon must be the subject of some strange lease provisions/battles. And then there’s just the usual shady dealings (like the one that kicked out Lazy Sundaes for a Mexicali Blues expansion that *still* hasn’t happened, 18 mos later . . .).

  3. Carla

    Well, the junk shop was before it became Common Grounds. I ran into the guy who had the junk shop a couple of years ago and he told me he moved to North Capital street somewhere. I lost his card, but he’s still going strong. Said it was a pain trying to run that shop there. The cops kept citing him for the horrifying offense of playing his CD player outside and of having real junk inside the junk shop.

    Common Grounds was much better than Murky Coffee. I was sad to see Common Grounds go.

  4. MB

    I always enjoyed that music. Did it annoy the fish in the Petco across the street, or something?

    I did like Common Grounds, too (more for the space/people, than the coffee. Just not a coffee guy.).

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