That it’s the vapid souls over at DCist who ended up with DNC credentials is probably all you need to know about the state of DC’s political scene.  Nevertheless, it’s DCist who brings us this report that Eleanor Holmes Norton, fake-Rep. and Colbert Report star, called upon an empty hall at the Democratic National Convention to answer DC’s plea for help in establishing its citizens as equals in the United States:

“The nation’s founders staked everything on creating a country where there would be ‘no taxation without representation’ anywhere in America. In that tradition, Democrats proudly support the vote in Congress for the 600,000 citizens of our nation’s capital,” Norton said.

Invoking Martin Luther King Jr., Norton energetically called for the Democratic Party to to follow the principle that all Americans should have equal rights — including full voting rights for the citizens of the U.S. capital.

Norton also spoke to one of the D.C. voting rights movement’s main arguments, that D.C. residents serve and die in the U.S. military, yet lack a vote in Congress.

And no one listened.  Democrats can give all the lip service they want to the importance of representation and equality, but until they take DC’s situation seriously, I’ll not take them entirely seriously.  It’s an easy, straight-forward, basic-American-values problem to solve.  So why are we still fucking around with it?