Well, I should point out now that this almost certainly isn’t what you were expecting.  See, this is a highlighting of the fact that your taxpayer dollars are being spent to protect Chinese Democracy, and not democracy in China:

Last week, the Internet was rocked when California blogger Kevin Skwerl posted nine newly leaked Chinese Democracy tracks, including three previously unheard songs allegedly from Guns n’ Roses long-awaited album. [ . . . ]

Yesterday Skwerl was surprised to find himself face to face with two FBI agents who paid a visit to his day job.

I’ve never really seen a compelling case for putting public dollars into protecting the private rights of copyright owners.  That isn’t to say that there couldn’t be a case – it’s just that I can think of a 100 other things that are more important to society than that, and I think we should have seen and debated that case before we committed the resources.