I am ashamed to say that the Democratic National Convention has been just as successful as the Olympics in running 24/7 at Blacknell.net World Headquarters.  So I’ve seen almost all of the primetime speeches (with varying levels of attention) and heard much of the music.  The choices, for the most part, have been uninspiring (Isn’t She Lovely, following Michelle Obama?  Ugh.)  And music matters (Don’t Stop still brings the 92 convention right back, for me).  So, free of charge, I’m going to offer up some advice for political fundraisers and campaigns, present and future.

Obama might want to take a more aggressive approach, with this:


More cynical supporters might be won over with:


A Terry McAuliffe dinner:


For the Inaugual Ball that Hillary hosts:


Because I’m a bipartisan kind of guy, here’s a couple for McCain:




And for the Republicans on November 6th:


I think we’re alone now,
There does’t seem to be anyone around.
I think we’re alone now,
The beating of our hearts is the only sound.