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Friday Notes: Ridiculous Things Edition

Palin?  Small-town mayor to heartbeat away from the Presidency in less than two years?  Heh.  This will be . . . interesting. Kay Bailey Hutchinson painful to watch, trying to spin this as a positive. Here’s a good observation, from a dkos commenter:

I welcome a VP nominee who has demonstrated that she has realized that the Republicans are the party of complete corruption and are void of any moral compass, let alone any patriotism.

Palin has moved against, accused, and turned in Murkowski, Don Young, Ted Stevens, and others.

McCain needs to be asked:  in just a few years Palin has moved against the total corruption that has gutted the Republican Party in Alaska.  What, Sir, have you done in Washington to address the total corruption of the Republicans there?

And Palin needs to be asked:  has the Republican Party served Alaska well?  Is this what we need for the country?

CNN just talking about today’s McCain event “This is something we never – never see at a McCain event – a full packed house in a large venue.”  Ouch.

Update: Oh, lord.  This is just too good not to share.  Fox News’ Steve Doocy explains to us how Palin does have foreign relations experience (seriously):

YouTube Preview Image

Update II: And just to show that there’s a market for that kind of stupidity, there are already idiots repeating it as an actual argument online.

Update III: Blueweeds gives this pick the serious consideration it deserves.


Brits are managing to make the proverbial Ugly Americans look like pikers.  C’mon, guys, this is what Spain is for.  Keep it there, please.


A plan to go to a Yankees game before Yankee Stadium came down recently fell through, and this makes me completely fine with that:

The Yankees are serious about their bizarre prohibition on going to the bathroom during the playing of “God Bless America” during the Seventh Inning Stretch: a man was dragged out of the stadium for daring to stand up and move around instead of singing a patriotic, religious song.

If I were still to go, I’d probably buy this t-shirt for the occasion.


Happy 72nd, John McCain!


Weekend Music: WTF Edition


  1. J. Tyler Ballance

    The McCain ticket is DOA.

    As soon as the Press discovers how Palin abused her power as Governor to try to destroy her State-Trooper ex-brother-in-law, McCain can kiss the fifty percent of Men, those who have gone through a divorce, good-bye!

    I just removed the McCain stickers from the back of my cars.

  2. MB

    Wait. Isn’t she supposed to be proof that McCain’s really a conservative? Doesn’t she tick all the boxes?

  3. First, Doocey is the weather guy. At least Al Roker knows better.

    Second, this is the damn scariest video I have ever seen. Simply unbelievable.

  4. freewheel

    The best (and in my view only) argument against Obama is his lack of experience. The choice of Palin undermines that argument. What are they thinking???

    This is so 1988…

  5. MB

    Still trying to wrap my head around it. And around the people who – without an ounce of irony, considering everything they’ve slung at Clinton and Obama – are jumping on it as an inspired pick.

    And Mike, Fox News tells me that Doocy is an anchor. Perhaps his actually being a weatherman explains much.

  6. Peej

    “Brits are managing to make the proverbial Ugly Americans look like pikers. ”

    The question is–in the words of the inimitable ‘Lauren Cooper’–are they (and their government) truly “bovvered”, though?!

    (It’s been a long month. I’m not going to be anything but lighthearted in discussion for this weekend!)

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