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George Allen: Republican Minority Outreach Star

Yep, the Republican Party is putting George “I Still Eat Ham Sandwiches” Allen up on stage as part of a rally in Fairfax aimed at drawing minorities to the Republican Party. Do you think he’s going to bring the noose he used to keep in his office with him? Is he going to welcome all the brown Virginians he sees to the Real America?


Update: I’d completely forgotten about the video about George Allen and his love for black people. Give it a watch:

YouTube Preview Image

I know, this was mighty white of me, wasn’t it?


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  1. Anybody remember the Republican rally for minorities that happened in NOVA somewhere during the ’06 race?

    If I could remember where I saw the coverage of that, I would post a link.

    On a related note, Geo Allen and Rep John Lewis of GA attended a program together in nearby Farmville, ostensibly to discuss racial healing. There were reports of all kinds of interesting things happening that day. This happened in early 2006.

  2. MB

    You know, I remember that meeting, Mark, and remember wishing that I’d hear news reports about John Lewis smacking the ()@#@ out of George Allen. John Lewis used to be my Congressman, and I remain proud of that. George Allen doesn’t deserve to even walk in his shadow.

  3. if by ‘white’ you mean ‘honest,’ then yes.

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