I’m not much for using Blacknell.net as a reprint service, but I suspect this will be of interest to many of my local readers:

1 ) Please help us spread the word that our upcoming ACDC [Arlington County Democratic Committee] meeting on Wednesday, October 1st will be dedicated to volunteer outreach activities.  The meeting will be held at our normal location – NRECA Conference Center at 4301 Wilson Blvd.  The meeting begins at 7:00pm with important updates on our Get Out The Vote (GOTV) activities between now and the election.  The second half of the meeting will be focused on volunteer activities.  During this portion of the meeting you will have an opportunity to visit different stations to directly help or learn about how you can participate in critical volunteer needs.  We hope you will plan to attend and encourage you to bring a friend.
Here are some of the volunteer activities that will be highlighted:

A) Stamping Envelopes – we need volunteers to stamp envelopes for our Dollars For Dems fundraising and absentee voting mailing

B) Individual Fundraising Challenge – learn how you can easily raise small dollar donations from your family and friends to support our GOTV activities in Arlington

C) Election Day Official – find out how you can serve as an election official to educate and process voters to help minimize the lines we will face at the polls

D) Metro Voter Registration/Absentee Voting – learn how you can assist in our efforts to promote voter registration and absentee voting at Arlington Metro Stations.

E) Building Ambassadors – if you live in a locked building, found out how you can make a difference in this election by serving as a Building Ambassador

F) Canvassing and Phone Banking -  sign up to talk to your neighbors through weekend canvassing or weekday phone banks

G) Rides to Voter Registrar’s Office – you’ve heard of Rides to the Polls, find out about how you can get involved in our new Rides to Registrar program

I hope DC metro area residents will consider making Arlington/NoVA their home base for any volunteering related to the national election.  We already know how DC and Maryland are going to turn out, and running up the margin there won’t really matter.  However, it will matter in Virginia.   The higher the margin in NoVA, the better the chances are of Virginia’s electoral votes falling into the Democratic column, come election night.