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If He’s This Testy *Before* He Loses . . .

TPM highlights this video of McCain’s Wednesday meeting with the editorial board of the Des Moines Register. As noted, this liar sure doesn’t like being called a liar, does he?

Still less painful to watch than Sarah Palin being unable to name a single magazine that she reads (unless I’ve overlooked the recent publication of “Oh, You Know, All of Them”).


The More You Know . . .


Call Democracy, Get a Busy Signal


  1. Imagine how he’d react if she followed up with a question about how his participation in the Keating Five affair squared with his “honorable service.”

  2. MB

    I am still kind of amazed that we still have to actually imagine that. I know, not like it’s relevant or anything . . .

  3. I guess they were waiting for October:


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