A friend of mine, fresh off her experience at the Obama rally in Leesburg, decided to check out the Palin rally that occurred five days later.  I asked her whether the Palin rally involved any “positive vibes”, and this is her response:

I sense desperation from the right wing crowd.  The message at this rally was about average Joe the so and so, lying about Obama raising your taxes, him being hurtful to small businesses and being big government.  This is their message now going forward,  after all this time they finally have one.  Fortunately, they latched onto this late in the game and hopefully people won’t buy into it.

These visits to Leesburg by both candidates were historical and I wanted to see them both. I loved the Obama rally and the cool people of all types there.  Palin’s rally only got about 5,000 people if that, and MANY were kids and teens who cannot vote.  I did not see any hate spewed at this rally like the others ones I have seen on video.  Unlike the rude McCain people at the Obama rally, no Obama supporters yelled anything while Palin was speaking.

I don’t like Palin at all , but her positive vibe thing for her people is that I saw she has a way of really connecting to the crowd, being very personal just like Bush, the guy you could have a beer with.  But both of them are dummies, and very scary with their views, but these people are too stupid to see that.   I think many people were there at the rally because she is pro-life.  Her comment on that got the biggest roar out of the crowd above all others and that answered my question as to why many were there.  In spite of our country falling apart that is is all many care about.  The protests at the Obama rally last week on the street near the site seemed to be pro-life related signs too, so I heard.

Oh, Frank Wolf was there, but I did not see his cane wielding staffer beating any Feder supporters.  There were Obama supporters with signs protesting at a different entrance than where I went in.  They were yelling, “Use your brain – don’t vote McCain!”

When I left they were having a fire sale of free McCain yard signs. People were walking away with 4-5 of them as if putting up more signs will help their cause.   I can’t wait to see the Republican party melt down and their in-fighting after this election.

Indeed.  She ended with this note:

I went to this Palin rally with my friend’s husband whose son has just been sent to Mosul, one of the worst areas of Iraq.   He is very worried for his son.  He is voting Obama.

Yes we can.