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CA’s Prop 8: Still Viable

All of the polling I’ve seen shows equal support and opposition to California’s Proposition 8.  That’s not good enough, for something so very important.   Please talk it up not just amongst your CA friends (who likely already agree with you) but with your acquaintences, neighbors, and random people you meet.   The margin could be so thin that it makes a difference.  This is just too important to hope someone else will carry the burden against it.  More here.


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  1. Here is everything that is wrong with California, in a nutshell: we need a 2/3 majority to pass a half-cent sales tax increase, but only a simple majority to write discrimination into our state constitution. Whose brilliant fucking idea was that?

    We caught Feinstein’s no on 8 ad. I hate that woman but that went a ways toward redeeming her in my eyes.

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