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Arlington ZPizza Sucks

Putting aside their problem with delivering in less than an hour (at least four times), they keep insisting on sending the WRONG pizza to me.  And then bitching about it when I object.  Funny, I think there’s a difference between a sausage and vegetarian pizza.  When they get it right, it’s great.  But it seems getting it right is beyond them.  Avoid the Arlington ZPizza location.


Inauguration Raffle?


Gonzales: “At that point, I didn’t care.”


  1. Peej

    Wait, you live where you do so you can mostly walk to everything you need and then you go for delivery?!! Even I don’t rely on delivery, where I am!

  2. MB

    Right, you milk the cow, make the cheese, kill the cow, make the sausage, and cook the pizza.

    Crazy suburbanites.

  3. isn’t Mario’s down the street from you? I think they have vegetarian cardboard there.

  4. MB

    I hate to speak ill of an institution*, but Mario’s pizza is awful. Borderline inedible. They are, however, a great place to get fries at 3am. And the menu has expanded significantly in the past couple of years.

    *Obviously, ZPizza doesn’t qualify.

  5. I think Mario’s suck because its run by brown people and not real Italians ;-)

    Goody’s in Clarendon isn’t bad but I probably most often order from Papa Johns. (thin crust with jalapenos and grilled chicken) there is also a pretty good place in Rosslyn, Piola I think

  6. Does Lost Dog deliver to where you live? That’s all I get these days.

  7. MB

    Armando’s used to be my prime pizza place. Maybe time to move back to them. It’s a shame, because as I said, when ZPizza gets it right, it’s damn good pizza.


    Never thought about Lost Dog delivery, Miles. I should. The trick, of course, will be avoiding adding a bottle or three of Chimay to the order (for those unaware, Lost Dog is the place to go in Arlington when you want to take good beer home.)

  8. When Arlington starts trashing its businesses, Falls Church wins.

    We have our own zPizza which is good (although I order from Lost Dog whenever I have to eat pizza).

    Claire and Don send their regards from Falls Church.

  9. MB

    Don’t make me close the border, Mike.

  10. We have a leather shop and a palm reader we can let you have for, well, just go ahead and help yourself.

  11. I’m a fan of Lost Dog as well but haven’t tried Stray Cat yet. I heard they have masala pizza at Sangam now that you wanna try MB.

  12. MB

    Only if you’ll take the Ch****c*k* F***ory. I think we already have a couple of palm readers, though. One works out of Wes Clark’s old campaign headquarters. She’s seen marginally more success.

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