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End of Year, or . .

end of days? In the past 10 minutes it’s gone from bright sun to 30 mph winds to snow to rain to thunder and lightning.  And as I’m about to hit “publish”, we’re back to bright sun.

(Why yes, I am procrastinating.  Why do you ask?)


Gonzales: “At that point, I didn’t care.”


DJ Earworm’s United State of Pop


  1. Peej

    We’re having the same, except the return to bright sunshine is eluding us. However, a possible end of days seemed like a very good reason to open the wine bottles left over from the Christmas dinner and make them not feel left out. (I’m also on a (mostly useless) crisis call anyway, I figure why not be merry while unproductive?!)

  2. Klea

    I say “end of days.” Start drinking now! Happy New Year!

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