Washcycle wrote the post answering the question I was thinking about at the same time – when will this year’s VASA Ride take place?  March 1st is the answer, it seems.   They had 200 riders in 2007, and around 300 in 2008.  Would love to see that increase substantially this year.

Oh, right – what’s the VASA Ride?  It’s a mass ride (of varying lengths) sponsored by the Embassy of Sweden to celebrate the Vasaloppet, a Swedish ski race.  DC, thank god, isn’t cold enough to have a companion ski race, so we do it on bikes.  Last year we rode from the Embassy up MacArthur Boulevard to Cabin John and back.  It’s not a race – just a fun group ride.  The best part?  The free hot blueberry soup served by the Embassy at the end.  If you’re in the DC area, I hope you’ll check it out.   (In fact, if you’re on the fence about it, drop me an email and let me dragoon convince you to ride with me and the group I’m forcing assembling.)