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Pardon Me, Stewardess, I Speak Jive

As TPM notes, this is *not* from The Onion:

And check out this latest development in Steele’s campaign to create a hip-hop image for the GOP. Michele Bachmann praised Steele’s speech: “Michael Steele! You be da man! You be da man.”

Next up – some of the GOP’s best chairs are black people!

(I wish I could claim credit for the title.  Alas, I stole it from comments elsewhere.)


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  1. isht. can’t be real. just da man mean-mugging for GOP. isht.

  2. “Yo, that supply sizzel economizzle’s off the CHAIN, yo!”

    My heavens, the GOP implosion is fun to watch, can’t deny that.

  3. Isn’t that the Barbara Billingsly line from ‘Airplane’?


  4. he better not diss my new hit single, “You down with G-O-P, Ya you know me!” otherwise we gonna git some Left Coast, Right Coast action goin on

  5. Silence Dogood

    Still not as good as the discussion about Steele giving LA Gov. Bobby Jindall a little bit of “slum love.” Hey! I’m brown. You’re brown! We must both be poor!


  6. MB

    Sorry for the delay, Silence. This place is kinda hard to manage from a phone.

    (And I completely missed the “slum love”. Which is just as well.)

  7. AJ Sochaczewski

    Yea Steel is the bigest fraud-actually the GOP is a fraud as well the GOP think it ‘prodent’ ‘proper’ st the present time to have a BLACK MAN leading the GOP thats were it ends the GOP SAYS STEEL will bring in THE HIP HOP VOTE. What the HECK is the HIP HOP VOTE most ppl who listen to HIP HOP arent even allowed to vote most are ex-felons or currently in prison , too young to vote under 21, or dont care to vote, and the remainder will NEVER vote Republican. I know Steel from Montgomry county, Mayland. He wanted to be a cop early on. but couldnt handle the trianing anyway he eventually went to a local law school but he cound pass the Bar Exam so-he cant practice law so he got involved with the Maryland GOP- becouse Prince Georges county has almost no Republicans he easly became chiarman becouse Prince Georges County is like 81% Black and demecrat and Maryland is over 2/3 Demecrate so Erlich a Moderatte Republicans hd Michael S. as his ‘Lutenint Govener’ which Michael S. actually atmitteds to me(I’ve got it on tape)’Well I do apperances for the govener’ and then I asked him if Bobby Erich appionted him becouse he’s a black man he said ‘well it may of helped’ the funniest thing about Micheal is he OOES NOT SPEAK ‘HIP HOP’ or ‘Ebonics’ whatever its hystericall if you heard him talk even at home on his front porch he sounds soo White..so he’s making up this ‘Ebonics talk’ on the go its a laugh–The GOP is trying to say we are a dilluted form of the DNC thats not ever gona work dummy the GOP must show they are as different as posible from the DNC. Alot Republicans didnt vote for the Presidenty becouse the ‘new GOP’ put up Mccian –the most liberal Repub. in the US Senete.Conservatives didnt want to vote for the guy some swallowed the bad tastting pill and voted for him. Bur Mccian was just a watererd down Obama who was a Real Lib. So the GOP lost becouse they wanted to be more like the DNC–Didnt this lost election teach ’em anything?????

  8. AJ Sochaczewski

    Sorry on ‘Steel Learing to speak Jive’–2 correction Nix Montgomy county- it should be Price Georges and also as I siad he wanted to be a cop but as a Practising Catholic he did try his hand at that but agian didnt complete the program

  9. MB

    It took AJ 30 min to tap that out. Well done, AJ!

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