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Massive Moral Failure from the Obama Administration

I’d kept quiet about the proclamation that the Obama Administration didn’t intend to prosecute those who actually tortured people in the (admittedly optimistic) hope that the Administration had a made a practical decision to focus its efforts on identifying and prosecuting those responsible for ordering it.  Obama’s chief  of staff, Rahm Emmanuel, said that the Administration isn’t interested in prosecuting them, either.

There really aren’t words for the depth of my disgust with Obama and those that helped him come to this decision.  Good job in protecting war criminals, Barack.  I hope it haunts you until the end of your days.  Because it sure will haunt America.


It’s a Whole Different Ball Game


Watch the Harman Story


  1. CG

    Heh, and I just got through reading a lot of posts on a rightwing blog blaming him for everything he’s about to do on this issue.

  2. MB

    I hope they’re right and I’m wrong (as to what Obama’s going to do, anyway). This was written after Rahm spoke (and I don’t believe he’d say anything without Obama’s blessing) but before they walked it back a bit. That still reveals an incredibly disappointing judgment, but not as bad as before.

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