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If Obama Gets This Right . . .

I’ve got a lot of impatience with the Obama Administration (some expressed, some not), but if he got this right?  I could be a little more chilled about the rest of it.


Doing It Wrong: US, Canada, EU Opposing the Right of the Blind to Read


Team Type 1’s Shawn Milne Wins Air Force Cycling Classic


  1. Peej

    I could also be a litte more chilled if so called Middle East experts stopped lumping Iran with Hamas and Hizbollah as if they are one and the same thing. There is a huge difference between a country–and its general population–and then fanatic religious movements–and its followers in that (and, as it happens, many other) country(ies).

    (Off the soapbox now.)

    I really hope the administration sees this one through…

  2. tx2vadem

    “…when 329 House members and 76 senators sent him a letter advising against putting too much public pressure on Israel.” Wow! That’s a powerful lobby (Does AIPAC also support universal healthcare?). Who says Obama isn’t fostering bipartisanship?

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