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Midweek Makeover: Zeebrugge-Hull Edition

Not a lot to say, other than that this was inspired by recent conversations about the P&O Ferry between Zeebrugge and Hull.  I've got a couple dozen tracks that are well associated with that route. OMD's original:

YouTube Preview Image

Nada Surf's cover (please, just ignore the video):

YouTube Preview Image

Photo by Simon Barrow


Boyz in tha Clarendon



  1. Peej

    You know, some people have been known to make fun of Hull…
    …and, yet, funny how you just don’t hear anything about Cleeethorpes-XYZ routes, now, do you?

  2. MB

    Seriously, I’m in a banhammer kind of mood, lately . . .

  3. Peej

    Don’t forget the ‘fabulous gown, glamourous wig, and matching heels’:

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