Politics, open government, and safe streets. And the constant incursion of cycling.

How Saxo Bank Will Win Le Tour


Courtesy of Jens! Voight, my favorite rider.


Virginia Republicans – All Whack Jobs, Or


Did You Know that Under the Proposed Health Care Reform You Could DIE?


  1. CG

    Thought I’d share this cycling article


    Some thoughts, per article– think how long our roads (re: crumbling infrastructure) would last if we were to significantly convert to the to bikes? Talk about millions (billions?) saved. Enough to pay for health care (which we would likely need less of)

  2. MB

    Interesting article, CG. I’ve been thinking a lot about cycling and infrastructure, lately. I was very surprised to find bike facilities (lanes, both painted and physically separated) in even tiny little Australian towns out in the middle of nowhere. And while there aren’t a lot of cyclists in these places, there were always some. And they never seemed to incite the rage that you’d get here, riding in some of the same situations. As the article notes, it’s just as much a question of culture as construction.

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