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Get Your (Class) War On

One of the human qualities I find myself least able to deal with is a lack of self-awareness.  And that’s the only thing I can imagine explains this:

A year after SLJ reported on the contentious dispute over a proposal to add a children’s room to the East Hampton Library in New York, the kids of the posh summer community are no closer to seeing it become a reality.

Library Director Dennis Fabiszak has said that the East Hampton Village Board of Zoning Appeals has expressed concern that an expanded children’s collection would lead to more library usage by those who live in the less affluent areas of Springs and Wainscott.

Poor kids reading books?  Oh noes!


Thank God DHS Is On The Job


Southern Stupid

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  1. Jim

    but, but, but, reading is a gateway drug to education. And we all know that education can lead one down the road out of poverty. You can’t let that happen, who will clean the pool?

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