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iWatch (My Community Torn Apart By Fear and Paranoia)

A video produced by the LAPD



Hitting the C&O Towpath? Stay in a Lockhouse!


Midweek Diversion: Not VA Govs Edition


  1. I like to watch.

    Oh wait, this is not a joke!?

    I am deeply spooked by the ad’s focus on the eyes of the “witnesses” who are watching…

    While I like neighborhood watch organizing, I am disturbed by the big-brother nature and possible abuses of anonymous reporting of other’s activities as “suspicious” like we are back in the days of McCarthyism

  2. Peej

    Oh, MB, this is *perfectly* normal. Why, I grew up with a similar message coming at me, day in and day out, back home–at school, through the media, and even by slogans on the wall. It’s not like *that* was prompted by paranoia and fear (and the exercise of control through them both) about the havoc that could be wreaked by ‘agents of the West’ and ‘enemies of the velayateh faghih’. Have a little faith–look how well it worked out for us!

  3. given that this was done by the LAPD and Hollywood’s accuracy in depicting “bad guys”, I’m sure this program will be very successful in catching terrorists. better not dress up as the Joker this Halloween!

  4. Karen

    “Think about the power of that.” Yeah.

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