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Nice Job, Switzerland

Rank stupidity abounds:

Projections based on ballot results suggest Swiss voters have backed a campaign to ban the construction of minarets, local television reported.

[ . . . ]

Rightwing parties led by the nationalist Swiss People’s party, the country’s largest, have labelled minarets symbols of militant Islam.

That’s right, centuries old architectural features are coming for you.   Morons.


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  1. Gill Robb

    Th Swss r nt rlgs tlrnt scty, nr d thy mk ny prtxt f bng tlrnt bt nythng ls. f y wnt t lv thr, y d wht y r tld r thy kck y t.

    Thy hv vry rght t nct rchtctrl rstrctns tht kp ths rg-hds frm shtng thr bllsht thrgh ld spkrs fv tms pr dy.

    Th Swss hv nt bnnd th gttr rlgn f slm, thy mrly rstrct ll f tht shtng lng wth th bd rchtctr, nd thr s nthng t ll wrng wth tht.

    Th Mslms n Swtzrlnd hv djstd t th rstrctn n th pblc cll t pryr by dng th rnt ndrs, t ths wh ctlly wnt t hr tht crp. S, ths s nt prblm fr th Swss Mslms s fr s thr wrshp srvcs r cncrnd.

    Th Swss hv snt clr mssg tht th Mslms r nt wlcm t bld thr gly, trrr trnng cntrs (Msqs) n Swtzrlnd nd tht, lthgh th rlgn s nt bnnd (s t shld b) thy r tllng th cml-jckys t gt th Hll t f Swtzrlnd.

    Gd fr y, Swtzrlnd! wsh mr cntrs hd yr BLLS!

    [Where are the vowels?]
    Gill Robb is a troll. Since trolls can only grunt, his comment was adjusted as well.
  2. MB

    There is, in fact, an intelligence floor for commenting here. Shocking, but true.

  3. tx2vadem

    I would expect more of the same throughout Europe as they struggle to deal with the declining birth rates of their native populations. The fact that they have unproductive reactions to the fear that their culture will be lost isn’t surprising. We deal with much the same here.

    I don’t know how you convince people acting out of fear that their actions are counterproductive. Obviously, the Swiss government failed in their attempt. On the plus side, 43% of the Swiss realized this was a bad idea.

  4. MB

    What’s surprising is a majority of voters jumping behind something so obviously ineffective and incendiary. This is Freedom Fries-level stupid.

  5. tx2vadem

    I think though that we would find the sentiment of the Swiss majority also present in the rest of Europe. If you put minority rights to a majority vote, these types of outcomes are not surprising.

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