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HP Doesn’t Care About Black People!

Don’t ask questions, just hit play:


This guy needs his own show, doesn’t he?  But seriously, the reason it doesn’t track is grounded in a completely legit technical issue (concerning contrast), which HP says it’s addressing.  You kinda wonder about a QA process that never brought this to light, though.


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  1. Warren

    Maybe the computer follows Wanda because sometimes you just can’t stop staring at ugly people.

  2. Joy

    What’s so amazing is that presumably this kind of technology has been developed with at least some defense money (going on my experience with computer scientists I know). And whose faces would the defense department want to track the most?? Why, dark brown/black ones!

    I could also imagine though that they adjusted the contrast settings so as not to be accused of racism from the other perspective – for only tracking darker faces – you know?

    I have eyetracking equipment that sucks at tracking eyes with epicanthal folds because lots of times portions of the iris/pupil are obscured by the upper eyelid.

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