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On Approach to DCA

I can’t even count the number of times I’ve landed at DCA, yet I’ve (sadly) never seen it like this:

YouTube Preview Image


Britain Without the Gulfstream


World’s Fair Use Day


  1. guess they ignored the FAA rules for DC airports to turn off all electronics :-)

  2. Do you mean that you never have seen the airport that vacant, or do you mean you have not had the chance to see the approach and landing from the cockpit?

    This video reminds me of a good project for our Civil Air Patrol squadrons. We could fly and record all of the approaches to all of the airports and archive the video for pilots to reference before landing at an unfamiliar airport. It would be good training for CAP pilots, too. We also could do night vision versions of the approaches.

  3. MB

    Never been in the cockpit. And since my best hope for that is a on General Aviation plane, I suspect I’ve missed my chance to see this view in person at DCA.


    Amit – actually, I think that’s left to the airlines. And I bet that pilots get final say, so . . . it’s good to be captain, I suppose.

    So, uh, no idea how this video was taken:

  4. Joy

    Turns out that even just watching a takeoff can make me feel anxious. GAH!

    (I am fully aware of the statistics on plane crashes and mishaps. But my mind gets terrified anyway. Hate. Flying. And yet, enjoyed it much more on a tiny Piper when my friend’s father was the pilot.)

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