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New Arlington Decal Design

You know, when I first saw the winner (in the competition phase), I thought it a very nice capture of a rare bit of Arlington. Now? There is a year of bitter reminders in front of me.


Also, the site I linked to – ARLNow.com? Good stuff. I hope it can stick around.


And a Liar, Too


It’s Who They Are


  1. I still like it. in a few weeks you’ll look back at the time you had to walk to walk to work uphill both ways in 3 feet of snow

  2. tx2vadem

    I still think the entire idea of having to have this sticker on my car is ridiculous. The county knows whether I have paid my tax or not (if they only way they knew was this sticker, we’d have a real problem). And they have collectors to ensure that I remit. So, why in a supposedly “green” county do I need a sticker every year? So, they can collect the decal fee? Ugh!

  3. I always assumed it was so that State Troopers, meter maids, etc could with a simple glance ticket anyone with VA plates and the wrong color sticker. my hometown has different pictures but always the same color as the Arlington ones.

    I also heard last night that they may increase the decal fee by $10/year

  4. MB

    Please direct all questions to Frank O’Leary, Arlington Treasurer. He’s not running for reelection, so lord knows what you might get as a response.

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