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KRS-One (Or, How to Tell the London Metro Police to Bugger Off)

Knowledge Reigns Supreme-Over nearly everyone (bet you weren’t expecting that):


As describe at BB:

Glyn sez, “The Love Police do an amazing job demonstrating how to get out of being searched under section 44 of the Terrorism Act. Stopped by police outside the Tower of London, they avoid being searched, having to give their personal details and having their camera film looked at simply by stating the law, remaining calm and polite. (Although keeping the video camera rolling probably helped too.) The police sent an Inspector (rather senior), two Sergeants, five officers and four police cars. But in the end they walk away.”

We need more of this.  Desperately.


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  1. In PG County this would have ended about 15 sec in with a hail of gun fire.

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