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Jamie Oliver’s Food Revolution

Jamie Oliver‘s Food Revolution is available on Hulu.com. I’m not really a fan of “reality tv”, and the premise – that a Brit can help out a West Virginia town by showing them what’s good for them – is more than a little eye-rolling, but I still think this might be something worth watching.


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  1. Pete LaVerghetta

    It was one of the more depressing things I’ve seen. A 12 year old boy who is morbidly obese gets told he might have diabetes. A six year old kid cannot identify a tomato. The kids hate the food he makes, the lunch ladies hate the extra work…what a mess.

  2. tx2vadem

    Okay so at first I thought the idea was going to be boring. But it did have it’s entertaining moments. Like a good reality show it picks on an easy target, in this case West Virginians. But it is a little crocodile tears, BS sappiness for me.

    I like Reality TV to be so horrendously trashy that you cannot turns your eyes away (like a train wreck, but better). You know like Jersey Shores or the Real Housewives of New Jersey or Atlanta or I Love New York. Oh! Or like the Hoarders show on A&E! I mean Hoarders in terms of real, reality programming way tops this show. But there is an episode of Intervention on, and I am rethinking that.

  3. tx2vadem

    I forgot to add that I also learned something from the show: Republicans are right! We do have too much regulation. Though instead of focusing on getting rid of the NEA, Department of Education, or Department of Commerce, we should be focused on ridding ourselves of the USDA (the agency making our kids fat). =)

    My facetiousness aside, that big book of dietary regulations was ridiculous.

  4. MB

    The trashiness was amusing for me when this wasn’t seemingly 90% of television. I know we’ve got pretty much an endless supply of the raw materials required for reality television, but I really don’t think it’s a good idea to turn primetime television into an industry based almost entirely on the mockery of others.

    (I know, that was embarrassing to even type out. But I really believe it.)

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