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Midweek Makeover: Rescue Me

Occasionally a cover rescues a song that would otherwise be doomed to a life of treacly mediocrity. In this case, the embarrassing original is Savage Garden’s Truly Madly Deeply. This awful thing was probably the soundtrack to so many AOL-stock funded over-catered weddings in the late 90s that if I played it in Reston right now, it would immediately send a dozen people around me into tears:

Seriously, wasn’t that awful? I bet you didn’t even get 30 seconds through it. I sure couldn’t. But.

Check this out. Yes, it’s a commercial. But it is also approximately eleven thousand times better than the original, and evoked a big and genuine smile the first time I saw it:


Anything Else While You’re At It, Gov?


The RIAA/MPAA Wants To Search You At The Border

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  1. Peej

    I was about to go all Mghty Blcknll on you for even mentioning the original, let alone posting it (and then a cover, to boot? What insanity!). You definitely pulled it through, though, with *that* cover find. Absolutely smile-worthy.

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