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You Went to School in Texas?


[As an aside, I finished up my secondary schooling in Georgia.  And it was clearly second rate, in comparison to the DODs schooling I got in Germany.  So I know the failure that I mock.  I mean, getting an entire class to ridicule me, with the approval of the teacher, when I brought up the mere possibility of intelligent design (cf. a literal seven day creation)?  Yeah, that’s the American South.]

Update: more clowning from the Texas State Board of Education:

The new amendment (.pdf), which is expected to get a vote on Thursday, would require high school history students to “discuss alternatives regarding long term entitlements such as Social Security and Medicare, given the decreasing worker to retiree ratio” and also “evaluate efforts by global organizations to undermine U. S. sovereignty.”

[ . . . ]

As justification for that second item, McLeroy writes: “Threats of global government to individual freedom and liberty include the votes of the U. N. General Assembly, the International Criminal Court, the U. N. Gun Ban proposal, forced redistribution of American wealth to third world countries, and global environmental initiatives.”


Doing Some Good On The Way Out


Kings of the Court


  1. Peej

    Reminded me of the link L. sent me with the subject Happy Valentine’s Day (because we are so romantic that way):

  2. I find this incredibly depressing. These religious fanatics are so convinced of their superiority and correctness.

    These people use and believe in the term “american exceptionalism” – scary.

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