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Save Yourselves, White People!

Rachel Maddow goes to town, demonstrating the very clear, very straight line between the segregationist politics of past and present:

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Transparency Is a Bipartisan Issue


  1. J. Tyler Ballance

    A fellow member of the Henrico Democrats stood up at our last meeting and asked, “Just what are the issues that concern Virginians right now?”

    The rest of the members were taken aback. After the meeting, the buzz was how everyone knew the issue was JOBS, JOBS, JOBS! Yet, there are few voices (from either side, really) specifically doing anything to create domestic jobs or to restore our domestic manufacturing base.

    Maddow is both wrong and right. Yes, scare tactics were used, but race and gender based quotas deeply hurt this nation and they still do so today, taking the focus from what should be a merit based society, where hiring and promotion is based on your capabilities and accomplishments, not what gene pool you swam out of.

    Democrats need, more than ever, to return to their former position as the champion of the American worker, and to become the Party that stands for a merit based society, where every American can feel secure in knowing that hiring and promotion will be based on individual merit.

    The former embrace of race and gender quotas by some Democrats in the past, deeply injured the Democratic Party. This current depression, is the opportunity to get back on the right side of this issue, while Democrats lead the way to rebuilding our strategic manufacturing infrastructure.

  2. tx2vadem

    JTB, where are there quotas? In what industry or at what corporations do they have quotas?

    At either of the corporations I have worked for, there have been none. It would be surprising to me if the HR departments at both organizations had so thoroughly missed this critical element of employment law.

  3. J. Tyler Ballance

    Our military uses quotas in recruitment and in promotion.

    Ford Motor Company has had a quota system for minority executives for twenty-five years.

    So has GM.

    Dominion resources has hiring and promotion “goals” for executives and technical personnel.

    When the heat was put on race and gender quotas, the semantic shift was made to, “embracing diversity” but it is the same damned thing; special treatment based on a favored minority status.

    America must move forward to a merit based society, where people are hired and promoted based only on merit.

    Of course one could write this as, “…based on the content of their character…” but that would be deemed just a cliche’ from a long dead, dreamer.

  4. tx2vadem

    Well, if GM and Ford truly have such a program, the quota must be very low. The vast majority of their executives are white men with a few white women rounding out the top tier. Are these programs public information? Could I find them in their proxy or annual report?

    Goals mean just that. They are not quotas. And obviously the goal is not doing much for Dominion, again most of their execs are white men.

    Meritocracy is an ideal that I agree with. But I don’t see anything wrong either with encouraging diversity. The two are not mutually exclusive. Your implicit assumption is that everyone who benefits from a diversity program is not qualified for the position they got or that they are not as good as someone else. Merit is multifaceted. So, I don’t know how you would begin to verify that assumption.

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