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Saturday Morning Music: September Edition

Corcovado, Astrud Gilberto and Stan Getz:

YouTube Preview Image

Dance Me to the End of Love, Madeline Peyroux (covering Leonard Cohen’s original):

YouTube Preview Image

Feeling Good, Nina Simone:

YouTube Preview Image


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  1. Peej

    Great choices.
    I really like Astrud’s voice but it’s always reminded me of the French Ye-Ye singers, which tends to throws me off a little whenever I hear her singing the type of songs she does. Plus, I admit to being totally biased–like I said elsewhere, Elis e Tom is *the* album for bossa nova songs for me and I’m pretty fond of the cover of Corcovado on that album.

  2. MB

    “Ye-Ye” was new to me. Please provide a DNA connection between them and this. Tomorrow will be fine.

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