There’s been some coverage of the remarkable non-response of the world to the flooding and human suffering in Pakistan.  And there are myriad reasons – But Mosharraf Zaidi gets to the most important issue:

The fact that people in other countries don’t like Pakistan very much doesn’t change the humanity of those affected by the floods or their suffering. It is right and proper to take a critical view of Pakistani politicians, of their myopia and greed.

[ . . . ]

Pakistan has suffered from desperately poor moral leadership, but punishing the helpless and homeless millions of the 2010 floods is the worst possible way to express our rejection of the Pakistani elite and their duplicity and corruption. The poor, hungry, and homeless are not an ISI conspiracy to bilk you of your cash. They are a test of your humanity. Do not follow in the footsteps of the Pakistani elite by failing them. That would be immoral and inhumane. This is a time to ask only one question. And that question is: “How can I help?”

Here’s a start.  Take out your phone and SMS “FLOOD” to 27722 to contribute $10 (added to your phone bill) to the Pakistan Relief Fund (which is run by the US State Department).