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This Is My Country, And It’s None Of Your Business

Just this week I was telling a friend about my lack of tolerance for being interrogated when I re-enter the United States (compare to my polite and honest answers when I’m entering other countries).  Congrats to this guy for not being cowed by a pointless exercise of power.   I particularly like his “takeaways”, including:

4. U.S. Citizens Have No Obligation To Answer Questions. Ultimately, the cops let me go, because there was nothing they could do. A returning U.S. citizen has an obligation to provide proof of citizenship, and the officer has legitimate reasons to investigate if she suspects the veracity of the citizenship claim. A U.S. citizen returning with goods also has an obligation to complete a written customs declaration. But that’s it. You don’t have to answer questions about where you went, why you went, who you saw, etc.


(The Wrong Kind of) Continuity of Government


10:15/Saturday Night: Treadmill Edition

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  1. Warren

    Bravo. This is why I don’t like our current tax system. It is not the government’s business whom you marry, how MANY you marry, or how man children you have.

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