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Interested in Better Arlington Streets? Here’s Your Chance for Input

As someone who finds himself talking to the public more and more about transportation improvements, I’m constantly surprised at how many people say “Nobody asked me if we wanted that street “improvement”.” or “Why in the world are we *narrowing* that street?”.  I’m not sure how it works in other jurisdictions, but Arlington’s transportation plans aren’t a secret, developed away from public input.   They’re laid out plainly in the Master Transportation Plan, which has been continuously revised and adopted in a continuing and very public process.  The last major element is on track for adoption, and here’s a chance for Arlingtonians to shape it:

Community Forum: Master Transportation Plan Streets Element

Join us on Monday, November 15th, for a community forum on the draft Master Transportation Plan (MTP) Streets Element hosted by the Arlington County Transportation Commission. The forum is open to all and will include a presentation of the draft document, as well as an opportunity to ask questions about the vision for our County streets and comment on the proposed plan.

WHAT:             Community Forum: Master Transportation Plan Streets Element

WHO:                        Arlington County Transportation Commission/Arlington County Staff

WHEN:             Monday, November 15th at 7:30 PM

WHERE:             Navy League Building

2300 Wilson Boulevard

First floor conference room

Getting There – The event is accessible via bus (Metrorail routes 4B,E and 38B, ART Routes 14 and 77 and Metrorail (Courthouse Metrorail station.) Parking is available at the nearby Arlington Courthouse Plaza complex located at 2100 Clarendon Boulevard.


The Streets Element is the last remaining section of the updated MTP to be adopted by the Arlington County Board.  The draft document includes the 13 streets policies adopted by the County in 2007, while proposing the addition of another streets policy to address utility usage of street right-of-way.  Additionally, Arlington is proposing more than 100 actions in the draft plan as part of these streets policies and to begin realizing the community’s vision for our streets.  Furthermore, the draft plan details a system of Street Types that will be used to guide the future design and operation of Arlington’s streets.

Adoption of the MTP Streets Element is expected in early 2011. The draft document is available on the County Web site.

QUESTIONS? Contact MTP project manager, Mr. Richard Viola, at 703 228-3699 or rviola@arlingtonva.us.


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  1. julie

    Ha! I thought I was reading a post about Arlington MASSACHUSETTS. We have a similar issue going on – state and federal money to improve a road that includes better pedestrian and bicycling accommodations. Despite the public process, some dissenters are still claiming such things as: its narrowing the road, it is perfectly fine and doesn’t need to be fixed, its taking away parking spaces, we hate cyclists and they can use the bike path (in another part of time), etc.

  2. MB

    Funny, Julie, I’ve had that exact same experience with Arlington, Mass. (and Tex.).

    Those arguments get tiresome, but someone needs to address them. That’s why it’s good to have lots of people involved – so the frustration can be spread around . . .

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