I thought that Pulp’s Common People had been inescapable in the 90s, but a recent and brief personal survey corrected that perception.  Here:

And if it’s not new to you, and it’s stayed in your playlist rotation as long as it has mine, you’ll find this examination of it more than a little brilliant:

In this scenario, Jarvis has the power and if the song continued in this vein it would be just a wittier, less misogynistic version of “silly little rich girl” Stones songs like Stupid Girl and Out of Time. But then she smiles and holds his hand and the whole song shockingly, brilliantly snaps in half.

A terrific way to describe it, really. It goes on:

It’s as if a trap door has opened up under Jarvis and his sudden sense of big-picture powerlessness wipes the smirk from his face. The rage that consumes the rest of the song is way out of proportion to anything the girl said: she’s the trigger, not the cause. His voice becomes ever more ragged and desperate, and his anger shreds his coherence.