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Weekend Music: A-ha Edition

When people (of a certain age) tell you that they “wore that tape out”, it’s almost always metaphorical. A-ha’s Hunting High and Low? I wore it out.  Everyone knows Take On Me. And, like everyone else, I love it.  How can you not?

YouTube Preview Image

Speaking of worn out – don’t you love the tape-warble of the opening of this?  Lots of 80s hits exhibited the same.  But there’s so much more. Here I Stand and Face the Rain:

YouTube Preview Image

Living a Boy’s Adventure Tale:

YouTube Preview Image

That is pure 80s West Germany for me.  Nothing but good.


But When Will They Let Burma Go?


Indy Films: Please Let Me In


  1. Peej

    My name is Peej and I approve this post that prominently features Morten.

  2. Peej

    Oh and anyone who stopped at Hunting High and Low missed out on the really good tape to wear out: Scoundrel Days.

  3. Take On Me never made any sense to me, but the tune is catchy and I always loved that imaginative video.

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