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Hitchens v. Blair: “Be it resolved, religion is a force for good in the world.”

Oh, to have been there to watch Christopher Hitchens debate Tony Blair on the net benefit of religion in the world.  Hitchens opened, quoting Cardinal Newman’s Apologia:

“The Catholic church holds it better for the sun and moon to drop from heaven, for the earth to fail and for all the many millions on it to die in extremist agony than one soul … should tell one wilful untruth or should steal one farthing without excuse.”

You’ll have to say it’s beautifully phrased, but to me, and this is my proposition, what we have here, and picked from no mean source, is a distillation of precisely what is twisted and immoral in the faith mentality. Its essential fanaticism, it’s consideration of the human being as raw material, and its fantasy of purity.

Once you assume a creator and a plan, it makes us objects, in a cruel experiment, whereby we are created sick, and commanded to be well. I’ll repeat that. Created sick, and then ordered to be well. And over us, to supervise this, is installed a celestial dictatorship, a kind of divine North Korea. Greedy, exigent, greedy for uncritical phrase from dawn until dusk and swift to punish the original since with which it so tenderly gifted us in the very first place.

Blair replied:

So the proposition that religion is unadulterated poison is unsustainable. It can be destructive, it can also create a deep well of compassion, and frequently does.

And the second is that people are inspired to do such good by what I would say is the true essence of faith, which is along with doctrine and ritual particular to each faith, a basic belief common to all faiths, in serving and loving God, through serving and loving your fellow human beings.

[ . . . ]

The message of the prophet Mohammed, saving one life is as if you’re saving the whole of humanity, the Hindu searching after selflessness, the Buddhist concepts of Kuruni … which all subjugate selfish desires to care for others, Sikh insistence on respect for others of another faith. That in my view is the true face of faith. And the values derived from this essence offer to many people a benign, positive and progressive framework by which to live our daily lives. Stimulating the impulse to do good, disciplining the propensity to be selfish and bad.

The entire transcript is available.  Grab a cup of tea and read the whole thing.  Inspiring, really.


10:15/Saturday Night: Sunday Morning Edition


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  1. Peej

    I really need to get my dad his own laptop. I started reading some of this out loud and lost possession of mine very quickly after.
    Thanks for posting, that was excellent.

  2. One interesting side comment: At least in the UK it is not political suicide to declare one’s self an atheist.

    The newly selected UK Labour leader, for example, happily made the declaration recently — to little fanfare.

    In the USA? Not possible.

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