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Silence Instead of Sputtering

In all honesty, the Wikileaks event has turned me into a net consumer of media in the past week. I’ve got a lot to say (shocker), but I keep wanting more of it before I’m certain about what I want to say. I’m a longtime resident of the Transparency Camp, and this doc dump tests a lot of the principles required for residency.

But then we get to a day like today, and I’m glad that I’ve mostly shut up. Between idiocy like this and this and this? I might permanently sink my chances of being welcome in polite society.


Why You Should Read Non-American Media, Example 5421


Is Joe Lieberman Anti-Free Speech?


  1. tx2vadem

    I don’t know. What disqualifies one from polite society these days? I’m reminded of Cole Porter’s Anything Goes.

  2. warren

    I’m curious — what is your beef with Cantor’s proposals?

  3. tx2vadem

    I think it is sad that we are discussing nullification in all seriousness at the sesquicentennial of the Civil War. It suggests that some of us have not learned anything.

    Perhaps you could tell us, Warren, why 33 states comprising only 28% of the US population should be allowed to override the will of the majority? Any why stop there, really? Why not bring Initiative, Referendum, and Recall to the national level? It has worked so well for our most populous state, why not export that success?

    These are all ideas that suggest that there is a problem we need to remedy. And that is not the case. Clearly people can change the national government at any time they see fit, as they just did. If the people wish their legislators to overturn prior legislation, it is wholly within their power this day to accomplish that. If they wish their senators to change their arcane rules to prevent a minority from holding hostage the will of the majority, they can do that too. But on the same token, if people just want to sit idly by and bitch about their powerlessness, an amendment is not going to solve their lethargy.

  4. tx2vadem

    On a side note to MB, I like the night skyline shot of Hong Kong.

  5. MB

    Thanks, T. Both for the response to Warren’s silly question and the HKG compliment. I’m planning to work more window seat shots and skylines into the rotation.

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