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Midweek Makeover: Oh My God Edition

In 2007, Mark Ronson put together an album of cover collaborations called Versions.  He invited Lily Allen, whose star had just exploded, to re-record “Oh My God”, a track she’d covered on an earlier mixtape.  I’m already a fan of Allen’s flavor of Britpop, but I especially enjoyed it:

YouTube Preview Image

Fan vid, of course.  Official is here.

I’ve enjoyed that track for years now, but never even thought about its nature as a cover until this year, when some friends staying with me left behind a slew of music that they thought I might appreciate.  And so I came across the original Kaiser Chiefs version of Oh My God (please just ignore the awful video):

YouTube Preview Image

*Love* it.


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  1. Peej

    So does this mean we’ll also get to see some selections from DMB, at some point?



    Marvelous original. (I won’t repeat how I feel about Ms. Allen, as I’ve done so here before.)

  2. MB

    I’m glad you feel like this is a safe place, Peej. We all have our failings, and would that we could all be as brave as you in sharing them.

  3. Peej

    That’s because you are a farangi. You can’t help not being as forthcoming.

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