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Taiwan Cycling Festival: Taroko Gorge Descent

I’m polishing and queuing up the rest of the Taiwan Cycling Festival pieces this weekend, but I thought I’d go ahead and publish this great (tho’ impromptu) video of BikeHugger‘s Mark V descending through Taiwan’s Taroko Gorge.   I shot this from the back of our bus, which we were taking to the Giant store to pick up our bikes.  Mark already had his bike, and took the opportunity to do a bit of motorpacing. Our hotel – the Taroko Leader Village – was situated mid-valley, so it was all downhill:

I’d suggest not trying this at home, but unless you’re lucky enough to live in Taroko Gorge, you couldn’t even if you wanted to.  Check in on Monday for more Taiwan cycleliciousness (to steal an adjective).


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  1. Robert Kelly

    The full descent is an 86km downhill run through the entire national park. Starting altitude is 3275m at Hehuanshan, which is an alpine environment above the treeline. Finishing altitude is sea level and sub-tropical. Outstanding scenery the whole way.

  2. MB

    I’m planning to do the whole thing one day, Robert. Probably won’t fit it all onto in a video, though :)

  3. Robert Kelly

    Especially if you ride up. Btw, here’s a pic of what it looks like up top: http://www.flickr.com/photos/53879542@N00/3338469815/in/set-72157606799914017/

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