Politics, open government, and safe streets. And the constant incursion of cycling.

Richmond’s Bid for the 2015 World Championships (Cycling)

I’ll give them credit for being ambitious. Check out richmond2015.com for more details.


An Act of Genuine Bipartisanship


Map of Slavery in the United States

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  1. Richmond really stunk as the site of the CAPTECH “classic.” The City did not even replace missing sewer covers along the streets downtown. We had to have volunteers from my old team, Team Nature’s Path, stand in the road so that racers did not break a wheel in those open sewer holes.

    I doubt that anyone who works for the Mayor, is going to make any real effort to improve the roads, no matter what cycling event considers coming to town.

    Charlottesville would be a better location for either a Crit or a road race.

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