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Month: December 2010

Confirmed 57-40: GOP the Party of Hate and Bigotry

To hell with them (and Democratic Sen. Joe Manchin).

Midweek Makeover: Oh My God Edition

In 2007, Mark Ronson put together an album of cover collaborations called Versions.  He invited Lily Allen, whose star had just exploded, to re-record “Oh My God”, a track she’d covered on an earlier mixtape.  I’m already a fan of Allen’s flavor of Britpop, but I especially enjoyed it:

YouTube Preview Image

Fan vid, of course.  Official is here.

I’ve enjoyed that track for years now, but never even thought about its nature as a cover until this year, when some friends staying with me left behind a slew of music that they thought I might appreciate.  And so I came across the original Kaiser Chiefs version of Oh My God (please just ignore the awful video):

YouTube Preview Image

*Love* it.

About That Deficit . . .

Adam Serwer (correctly) calls bullshit:

The $900 billion deal to extend all of the Bush tax cuts represents a substantial retreat for the president on a major campaign promise, a major victory for the Republican Party, and, let’s face it, complete obliteration of the notion that the deficit matters politically as anything other than a blunt instrument to wield against the welfare state. The deficit is an absolute emergency when it comes to making sure all Americans have health care, but an afterthought when it comes to cutting taxes for the wealthiest Americans.

Is Joe Lieberman Anti-Free Speech?


Updated: Of course he is. I have now concluded my obvious-answers-to-obvious-questions exercise.

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