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20 Years of Bombs Over Baghdad

From TPM:

TPM Reader CS points out that today is the 20th anniversary of the Persian Gulf War, which started as an air campaign on January 17, 1991. “I don’t see a peep about it in the news,” he writes. “Is it just me, or is that surprising?”

Seminal, for me.  And many others.  Recall:


Consider that.  Two decades the US has been killing people in Iraq.  Twenty.fucking.years.  Longer than some of the kids doing it have been alive.  And that’s just directly.


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  1. Ann Cavazos Chen

    I was in the reserves at the time living in Virginia Beach where a large number of military bases are located. Most of my friends were gone, everyone left was nervously waiting to be called up and and nobody got any sleep because we watched CNN all night long every night. CNN was more reliable than any of the official information we received. Never would have guessed we would still be there twenty years later, profoundly sad.

  2. Memories! Ha, as a young MBA grad, I actually bought oil the day before the attack … thought I struck it rich …. then oil plummeted overnight since the attacks “went so well”

    I like myself better as an old guy.

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