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Midweek Music: Stomp Those Flowers Edition

There are loads of “punk covers” out there, and they’re almost uniformly crap. (Like most self-identified punk music, actually, but that’s for another time.) But this cover of the Foundation’s Build Me Up Buttercup by the Goops? Tops the original, in my book. Easily.

(The video is mislabeled – that’s the Goops’ cover, not the Foundation’s original)

P.S. – I saw the first daffodil open along the Potomac today.


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  1. I once heard that the owner of CBGB required all auditioning punk bands to do a cover version of Build Me Up Buttercup in order to play at the club.

  2. Peej

    Did you catch your single tear and put in the jar next to last year’s?

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