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10:15/Saturday Night: Swedish Edition

Just got tipped off that a new Movits! album dropped.  This looks to be the lead single:


I love Movits!  It takes a special talent to demonstrate flow to those who don’t even share your language.  If you happen to be in the DC area, they’re playing Iota on Friday, May 6th.  (And those of you that aren’t – check out their touring schedule.  Excellent live show.)


The State of Things


We Should All Be Ashamed


  1. Evan

    Movits is flat out spectacular. Nice tip – I had no idea they had a new album out!

  2. My life has been made incrementally better with this news.

  3. MB

    Glad I could spread the word. And for some reason, I didn’t link the track that originally brought me to Movits!

  4. Lucy

    MB, are you going to the show next Friday? If so, I’m buying you those two rounds I owe you!

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